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I have taken Alan’s clinic and found it very informative.  Some people might find his clinic very technical, however his clinics are geared more for the intermediate than the novice player.  Usually they are held once a month at Johnson Ranch Racquet Club in Roseville not Sacramento.  He only charges $12 for non-members for a 2 hour session.

Coach Mo on Footwork



I agree with Alan, that the ready position should favour your backhand side rather than the center.  But I would place is at around 30-40 degrees bias left rather than complete flat on the backhand side.  The centered racket position is a common fallacy among tennis players.  In tennis the first reason is to  protect from a body shot.  The other has to do with geometry.  Since you turn your shoulders more on a backhand volley than forehand the middle position is actually bias towards the backhand side rather than center.

 The 3rd Shot

Don’t get confused counting numbers; the “Third Shot” is the serving teams first shot if you don’t count the serve.  Remember that the serving team can not come to the net until they let the ball bounce.

Assuming that the receiving team is already at the non-volley line ready to volley the ball; the serving team does not have many options other than to hit a drop shot or lob.  The “third shot strategy” allow the serving team to slowing work their way up to the non-volley line.

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The Backhand

This is hardest shot for most beginners — something to avoid or run around.  For most tennis player the backhand is the easier shot.  The problem most beginners have is grip — trying to hit a backhand with a forehand grip.  Don’t use your elbow, the backhand actually requires less arm movement because you are free to turn your body without your shoulder getting in the way.

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