Pickleball Drills


  • Learn basic dink motion using ball only
  • Practice with forehand then backhand.
  • Do the same, but with you paddle.
  • 2 players dink to the player across.
  • 4 player dink.
  • Play the dink game to 5.

Defensive and Offensive Dinking

  • Defensive dinking – try to dink within 3 feet of the net.
  • Offensive dink are hit at the opponent feet or close to the no-volley line.
  • Mixed it up.

Short Hop Drill

  • Definition: Half volley or short hop – a groundstroke shot where the paddle contacts the ball immediately after it bounces from the court and before the ball rises to its potential height.
  • Two players at the No Volley Zone, one on each side of the court and two players on other side of court are about three feet behind the No Volley Zone.
  • Key is to get into a crouch position and to get the right angle for your paddle in relation to how close you are to the net. The closer you are to the net, the greater the loft (angle) of your paddle.

Volley Drill (A good warm up exercise)

  • Play with one or two players on each side of the net.
  • Aim to gently volley back and forth while trying to place your shots in close proximity to the receiver.
  • Try to keep the ball moving back and forth across the net without it ever bouncing off the court – keep it in the air as much as possible.

Drill 1 – Reflex Volley

Drill 2 – Deep Volley

Hit the volley deep, within 3 feet of the baseline to keep your opponent back. This is usually done on the 4th shot to keep the servicing team back as long as possible.

Drill 3 – Around the World Volley

Learn to place your volleys instead of blindly hitting the ball hard.