Painting the Court

We decided to paint the inside of our new Pickleball Court at ACC. The kitchen area was accented with a light shade of green.

In order to save cost, we laid down a base coat using sand and 7 one gallon cans of old  exterior house paint of different colors mixed with a 2.5 gals can of white primer to create a base coat.

We thought  a one 5 gallon bucket of green paint would be enough to cover the 6 service boxes, but ended up a little short.

Sunny Jung was kind enough to make a Home Depot run and  donated another 5 gallon bucket.  Sunny, who was a former owner of a paint store in greenhaven was a great help in lending us his expertise.

After completing the inside area with the darker green,  we used the remaining green to mixed it with 3 additional gal. of lighter color old house paint to create lighter shade accent color for the kitchen area.

The total cost of painting was approximately $250 not include lunch, time, painting equipment which everyone contribute from what they could scrounge in their garage.

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