Spending 3 Days with the Guru (Prem Carnot)

Myself, Prem and Jan

On Mother’s Day Weekend, I attended “The Pickleball Guru’s Weekend Bootcamp Breakthrough” with fellow pickler Jan Cariker.  Prem Carnot, aka “The Pickleball Guru” is the author of Smart Pickleball.  The bootcamp was 3 days of extensive lessons and drills with personalized coaching on each aspect of the game.  Since only 4 people registered, Prem had time to give us a 1 on 1 training at a fraction of the cost.

ThAirBnB Retreat for Mindset with Wendye training was not just Pickleball skill.  On day 2, we met with Prem’s lovely wife Wendy at an Air BnB retreat for a personalized “Mindset” therapy.   Like any sport, the emotional aspect is just as important if you want to become a better player and person.

Prem has the ability to offer helpful tips without changing your style.  For example, he recognizes that everyone has a different ready position.  He does not tell you the change that of you must have a certain grip or body position like many other well-meaning instructors.  He work with that and may give you suggestion to improve it.

His training was infinitely an eye-opening experiences and I feel that will improve my game.  I highly recommend the training for anyone that is serious about the game of Pickleball.