Tip: Why My Overheads Hit the Net

Beginners that don’t have previous racquet sport experience usually have problems with high volley or overhead shots.  This is because they are not using a technique known as pronation and supination.  Instead they use a strong forehand grip or what I call a “Pancake Grip” and flex the wrist over – Ooch!   This is know as “flexion” which can lead to wrist injuries if you flex over 60 degrees.  It also lacks power and consistency because you are adding underspin which decreases the margin of error.  The ball can either hit the net or float too long.

Pronation Not Flexion

Although this is a Badminton lesson, the concept of pronation is the same for Tennis, Badminton and Pickleball.  Before you can apply pronation/supination to you shot, you MUST USE THE CONTINENTAL GRIP.

Pronation Drill in Tennis

The serve stroke is the same as the overhead.  The only difference is that you feed the ball to yourself.  You can do the same to practice the motion.

How to Hit Quality Overheads in Pickleball — with Mark Renneson