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Evening Pickleball
I am looking into lighting the Pickleball court at ACC Senior Services.  I would estimate that we need an additional 20,000 lm in lighting level.  Probably at least 4 250W LED fixtures to light the entire 100′ X 80′ area.

We Need Lights at ACC

Ball Divider Fence
more Photos… Members of ACC Pickleball attended the grand opening kick-off at La Sierra Community Center which is under the Carmichael Park and Rec District.  Mike Luevano helped coached some of our members in the finer points of the game. Ball Divider Fence The ball dividers look like a very ingenious […]

Indoor Pickleball in Carmichael

  I spent 30 minutes modifying the net strap that the city installed.  Initially they were not installed correctly, but after some tweaking we were able to make all the straps adjustable.  The straps are now set to the correct height for Pickleball. After Play Please just unhook the straps […]

Curtis Park Net Straps

ACC player with Cherry Delaney
The members of ACC Pickleball, Jennie Fong, Sunny Jung, Kathryn Yamamoto, Lee Pacho, Roberto Garfio and myself ventured out of our quiet Greenhaven/Pocket neighborhood to play at the Folsom Sports Complex. For many in the group it was their very first visit to the sports complex. The complex was very […]

ACC Visits Folsom Sports Complex

Pat Murphy explains Pickleball at Curtis Park
Pat Murphy, USAPA Pickleball Ambassador from Arizona talks about the growth of Pickleball at the free demonstration  and clinic this morning at Curtis Park.  Participants from the local Pickleball community was out in force to help launch the first public city courts in the Curtis Park neighborhood which was spearheaded by […]

Pickleball Debuts at Curtis Park